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"The Thought Leader's Thought Leader"


Strategic Support to Build Your Business + Emotional Branding Design

Strategy + Business Development 101

If you aren't quite ready to launch a full scale PR and publicity campaign, then consulting is an option that provides the support you need to build your strategy.

Domain selection, copyright set up, website presentation strategy, conversion review, content formatting, Emotional Branding Design, integration strategy,

attracting media, publishers and speaking events, corporate sponsorships, networking, corporate endorsements, branding presentation, strategic linking, SEO, and much more.

My clients have 1001 questions!

PR consulting means customized, personal and consistent support and guidance. I provide personal communication and a strategically designed program to move you to the specific goals you want to develop and attain the credibility and connection you need to move the needle. 


Just Breathe

I know it can be so overwhelming. You are unsure of which steps to take, who to hire and even possibly questioning what your goals should be.  You have worked with several agencies... or maybe you have never worked with a PR agency and have no real idea where to start. 

You know where you want to be. You just need the right expert to work with you closely to navigate the obstacles. I provide focus and keep you on track toward specific goals. Building a platform as a media expert, life-coach or thought-leader requires serious know-how. It is a process. We will work through the maze together. We've got this.

I'm going to share the secret...

Here's the truth. Building a powerful platform is a process you need to feel your way through, not just THINK your way through. It is not a process you can fake. You can't contrive or package your messaging and relate to audiences simply on an intellectual basis... no matter how strong your credentials are or how many books you have written. Not in today's  information overload world. 

There is a real solution. The solution you need, along with the knowledge you will learn in a customized and personal consulting relationship will remove your stress. You will discover a new sense of freedom and excitement as building your platform becomes effortless and connects with audiences in a profound and meaningful way. 

It's Personal...

Discover Your Emotional Brand

My consulting experience is a place where you can explore, brainstorm, strategize, ask 1001 questions daily and create. You will learn tools and become highly proficient in the process of building your customized media platform. 

Woman on Her Phone
Speaking Event
Vlogger Recording Tutorial Video


Review the elements that need to be in place as you begin to develop a heart-centered media platform. 

ROI Review


Domain Set up

SEO 101

Strategy and Structure


Review and consult on website presentation.


 Increase Conversion 

Attract Opportunities

Media Presentation


Social Media

Google Ranking


Develop content that represents Your authenticity and resonates with audiences, media and search engines.


Strategic Linking

PR Integration

Organic SEO

Branding Presentation


Set your brand apart from the voices in today's media. 



 The 4 C's  

 Conversion ID

TV Media Presentation Tips

Contributor Strategy

Media Selection 101

“Anne is my Internet publicity guru.  My prospects, business exposure, and website traffic have DRAMATICALLY increased due to Anne’s expert marketing ability and keen insight. I’m astounded at what she’s been able to accomplish on my behalf! I’m very grateful for her commitment and enthusiasm, her timeliness and responsiveness, and her dedication to helping me grow my business.”

Sharon Rivkin

Relationship Author, The First Argument

"Anne is great to work with. She is very honest, and she knows her stuff. She continues to get me great exposure on websites that are consistent with my niche of mind, body, and spirit. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to build their platform online." 

Dr. Santi Meunier

Psychotherapist, Author, Practical Spirituality for Fearless Living 

What's Inside

Our goal is two-fold. I am here to reduce your stress and give you clarity.

And I am here to help you design your messaging to create impact and to expand your platform, both in size and its efficiency.

This requires clear planning and customized goals.

Our focus will be built around my proven strategies for the 4 C's. 

Credibility + Consistency + Connection = Conversion

Working desk setup

What to Expect


Sign up below to confirm your spot. We will confirm and schedule a call to get started.


We'll review schedules via email to set dates that works best for our 1-1 calls.


We'll work our plan, follow up and evolve to meet your goals. 

Hi... I'm Anne

I've worked with more than 4000+ authors, coaches, media experts, products and speakers over the past 20+ years.

I know it can be a frightening and sometimes painful process to build a brand and a media platform to support your business.

Let's change that together.
I'm so excited to share with you the powerful tools, strategies and proven methods that will help you build your platform and move you to the next level. 
We work as a team. I am committed to your success. You will need to be committed to our work as well.
If you are looking to...
  • See your work resonate with people on a powerful and more expanded level.
  • Have options to grow our business, as opportunities come your way you have never considered or dreamed of securing.
Working with leading media outlets to expand client platforms since 1999.

If you would like to discuss consulting services with Anne Leedom please email to review schedules. Packages are available here.

PR Consultation | Emotional Branding | Media Positioning | Platform Expansion | Conversion Strategy 


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