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The right speaker motivates, inspires and changes lives. 

If you would like to be included as a speaker, please contact us. 


Claire Lautier

Spiritual Coach and Cert. Life Mastery Consultant

Avery Neal.jpg

Avery Neal, MA, LPC 

Relationships & Narcissism

ChristinaTrujillo Headshot.jpeg

Christine Sieren, LCSW

Redefining Parenting


Dr. Denise Jagroo

Conquering Chronic Pain

Whitney Freya headhsot.jpg

Whitney Freya

Inspired Living and Creativity

Gary Roe

Gary Roe

Grief Specialist;

Suicide Prevention

Dr. Julie Gowthorpe.jpg

Dr. Julie Gowthorpe

Relationships; Parenting

Dr. Jerry Weichman

Dr. Jerry Weichman

Teen Parenting

Dr. Michele Borba
Nancy Carlsson-Paige.jpg

Dr. Michele Borba

Parenting; Bully Prevention; Character Education

Brigitte Cutshall

From Surviving

to Thriving

Maryanne Comaroto, PhD

Relationship Specialist; Women in Relationships

Nancy Carlsson-Paige

Early Childhood Development

Alyson Schafer

Alyson Schafer

Parenting and Discipline


Dr. John Arden

Neuroscience; Epigenetics

Laura Bonarrigo

Laura Bonarrigo


Winn Claybaugh.png

Winn Claybaugh

Motivational Speaker

EVe and Danielle.webp

Eve Goldstein & Danielle Matthew

Developing Educational & Social Emotional Skills 

Dr. Judith Orloff

Dr. Judith Orloff

Energy Healing; Intuition

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