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We provide customized packages to accommodate each client’s needs 


Ongoing Contributor, Trusted Resource, Media Expert, Quoted Source...

Which fits your needs best?



Full packages include Emotional Branding Design, Website and Content Presentation Review, Content Presentation Support, Online Media Placements, Media Positioning, Press Releases, Material Support and Placement Reporting and Assessment.


The specifics of each package vary, depending on your which services you include and the number of media outlets chosen. We work with Media Experts and Authors, Life Coaches, Speakers, Thought Leaders, Children’s Book Authors and Fiction Authors. Securing opportunities with leading media outlets as an ongoing contributor, trusted resource and quoted expert provide the exposure you need to grow your platform.

Services Offered


PR and Emotional Branding Design Consulting 

Media Placement Outreach - ONLINE/PODCAST/TV

Content Development Support

SEO & Conversion Strategy

Web Design Services

Strategic Media Expert/Thought-Leader Positioning

Press Releases


What to Expect From an Effective Media Platform

Branding and Messaging Foundation > Content Exposure / Media Placement > Consistent and Prominent Media Placements to Expand Brand Platform and Build Audience Loyalty > Ongoing Contributor / Media Expert to Increase Credibility / Speaking Events = Corporate Spokesperson Events / TedTalks / High Profile Book Deals

Thought-Leader Package

Media Expert Package
Children's Author Package

Fiction PR Package

Consulting Package

Content Syndication/SEO Package




Attracting speaking, coaching, paid writing opportunities, corporate spokesperson events and other business expansion options are the result of building a powerful global online media platform.


    This produces the following:

  • Increased credibility

  • Organic SEO for your chosen keywords

  • Exposure to millions in your targeted demographic

  • Convertible content is shareable, converts to support your revenue models and is searchable by leading producers and event planners over weeks, months and years to come. Working with leading websites who will promote your work in exchange for your content is the first step to creating your Global Expert Platform. 

  • Creating emotional charged content that includes the strategic elements that support your revenue models is our trademark that makes the difference between simple exposure focused on immediate results and content with global impact for years to come.

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Services Options

  • Website presentation strategy  to increase your presentation as a media expert or thought-leader. Review the 8-Seconds to Impact strategies to increasing credibility, conversion and organic SEO rankings that top tier experts use to attract business, media opportunities and establish their status as an in-demand, trusted authority in their niche.

  • Emotional Branding Design, including discovering your authentic Emotional Branding Matrix™, content messaging and formatting for receptivity and conversion.

  • Media placement strategy review, working with many of today’s leading websites.

  • Integration strategy of your custom Emotional Branding Matrix into your PR materials.

  • Preparation of materials for leading national TV and News shows. Integrating your Emotional Branding Matrix into media segments will increase interest, interviews requests and repeat appearances, which often lead to corporate spokesperson opportunities, book deals and additional high-profile speaking events. 

  • High-profile website placements as a trusted thought leader, reaching micro-demographics that meet with your approval.

  • Powerful backlinks to your home page, social media, sign-up pages, and/or sales pages, as well as strategic cross-linking integration to increase SEO (search engine optimization).

  • Non-exclusive content is often utilized to minimize content demands on your time, as we promote your brand. Repetition is crucial to brand expansion.​

  • Editorial assistance to help you create powerful content, including topic generation, outlines and editorial review for all content to increase you on Page One Google Ranking and create global interest. 

  • Current placement alerts, including where your work has been published and how it is being promoted. 


"I discovered Anne Leedom on John Kremer's website. Although there were other services listed in his directory, I was impressed by the description of her services. She was enthusiastic and I knew instantly that her company was the right match to help me promote my book and build my brand. Anne delivered as promised and our articles were posted on many major websites. She did more for us with the article placement than the PR agency we were using. Every time an article was placed, we would see an increase in our book ranking on, which indicates an increase in book sales. This has is been the best and most cost effective decision we have made to promote my book.  Keep up the great work!"

~Dr. Lionel Bissoon; Anti-Aging Author, The Cellulite Cure

New York


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