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Full PR Consulting, Branding, & Media Placement

We provide strategy and branding services proven to increase conversion in our full packages. We also offer media placement package only options. 

Content preparation guidance is provided with all packages, as well as reporting on all live placements.

For current fees please inquire here. 

Fees range from $500 up to $9000, depending on the options and length of the campaign. Contact us to discuss your specific needs so we can provide a quote that will support your current and long-term PR goals.

Talk Show


Followers on social media are essential to increasing your platform. Crediblity is crucial to securing large media outlets, book deals, major speaking events and building trust with audiences. Ongoing featured contributor placements build the crediblity you need to take your business to the next level.

Vintage Typewriter


Repetition is everything in the world of PR. One-off appearances do very little to move the needle in today's information filled world. Consistent contributor appearances on relevant, credible and notable media outlets builds audience connection, messaging stability and expertise grounding. Consistent exposure on select media outlets makes you and your work accessible and makes you relatable to audiences.

Vintage Typewriter

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss your goals and to determine which option will best meet your goals. All packages require a 30-day change notification and can easily be upgraded or adjusted to add services and consulting. Placements will depend on content provided and are ultimately at the discretion of editors who will review your content, your website and your overall expertise.

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