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Current Packages 

Building your platform to support your business, create an impact aligned with your mission and touch people's lives and hearts requires three key ingredients:


Highly customized strategy to build credibility

A foundation of connection with audiences

Consistent microdemographic media exposure

Choose which package works best for you

Secure your 4th 'C' - Conversion

Full packages including media placement, full branding and consulting are available.

We offer pay-for-placement for select media outlets, as well as consulting and limited placement options.

Contact us to get a current quote for your specific needs. 


This service is designed for clients who need to create a powerful platform for their service or product to position their expertise. This package positions you on leading online media as a highly sought-after thought-leader or expert.


Placements include social media boost from today's leading websites. Emotional Branding Design and integration, website presentation, content development to increase conversion, media strategy, organic SEO strategy and revenue assessment are all included in this package. 

Build and strengthen key elements to attract media, new opportunities and speaking events, and to convert exposure into ROI systems.


Strategy includes the following focus points:

  • Website home page presentation to raise credibility, audience connections, and conversion points

  • Content development support to increase your ‘content chemistry’

  • Media strategy

  • Organic SEO strategy

  • Revenue model assessment

  • Reserve key media opportunities online

  • Positioning as a Featured Contributor on multiple prominent,

    strategically matched demographic websites reaching 200,000 – 75

    million+ unique monthly visitors

  • Reporting and Assessment to leverage placements to increase

    credibility and support branding

Length of Contract

Packages are available in 4, 6, 9 and 12 month durations. 

* Contact us to discuss current pricing based on opportunities and consulting options needed.

TV Submission is available with any package. Quotes are available upon request. Fees are subject to specific media requirements and availability.


Customized Options


Social Media Posts

Web Site Content

One Page - Speaking and/or Media

Press Release

Press Kit​ - Including talking points, bio, segments, and fact sheets 


Social Media Posts

Press Materials

Website Graphics​


Working with your current site or creating a new site, we can provide everything you need including hosting.​


Packages are designed to provide a blend of consulting, strategy, and media placements. Packages are available for just placements, as well as consulting only options.


We work with many of today’s leading websites, reaching between 200,000 UMV on up over 80 million+. We review potential sites for SEO ranking for your content, prominence and overall support from editors to provide the strongest promotion for your work possible over time. 

For more information on package specifics visit our Services page here.

* Package fees and specifics are subject to availability. Fees are subject to change. 


Work closely with Annie to create your Emotional Branding Design to build higher conversion and connect with audiences form an authentic and lasting place of authenticity


Thought-Leaders, Media Experts and Life Coaches will be positioned as sought-after ongoing contributors, strategically attracting new opportunities as your platform grows. 


Annie will work closely with you to develop your expert presentation in a highly unique and branded way to grab the media's attention and to effectively increase conversion. 


Consulting and strategic and prominent placements will increase your speaking events, social media and attract national PR.  


Annie will provide the following:


  • In-depth review of your website presentation

  • Develop your Emotional Branding Design and Matrix tools

  • Provide full integration support for your  additional branding

  • Work with you on content development to create 'content chemistry'

  • Provide you the additional support you need to understand media strategy, organic SEO and revenue model assessment. 

Length of contract

Packages are available in 4, 6, 9 and 12 month durations

* Contact us to discuss current pricing based on opportunities and consulting options needed.


Working with 1 - 10 websites who reach your target audience, we will position you as an ongoing featured contributor, thought-leader and/or media expert. This package provides:


  • Strong SEO rankings for your content

  • Highly credible media placements to showcase your expert authority

  • Builds your media expert or company platform and provides consistent exposure to build recognition for your work and your Brand.

  • We will assess your placements with you on an ongoing basis. You control how aggressive you need to be, for both your time and budget, as we offer customized options to meet your goals.

  • All placements include reporting and assessment. We will work with a mix of ongoing contributor options, as well as new sites to expand your platform. 

Pricing ranges from $550/Month - $800/Month. Consulting not included. Packages requires 30-day notice for all changes. Contact us to request a custom quote.


Branding and PR Download

Not quite ready for media exposure? Looking to make your current and past media exposure more effective in today's rapidly changing landscape? This is the package for you.


Brainstorming and strategizing over a 30 to 90 day period, we focus on Emotional Branding Design Full Scale Media Strategy, Content Development Strategy, and PR 101 Strategy to help position and build your platform.


Working with individuals or full teams within your organization, we will help you create the branding, content, strategy and long-term support integration to give you the edge you

need to stay ahead of today's digital and online media landscape.

Pricing is available on a per session bases as well as a package rate. Please contact us for details.


What Our Clients Say

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Dr. Greene

"Anne uses her extensive media relationships to position Dr. Greene in front of parents, our target demographic in ways we never realized were possible. Her services are a real time-saver in expanding our visibility and branding with new audiences."

Cheryl Greene, Executive Producer and Brand Manager, Dr. Greene.com