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How are you different from other agencies? 

We provide expert content to today’s leading websites to promote specific products and services. Due to the nature of our partnerships with these sites, we have a very high placement rate, with special promotional support and powerful backlinks provided. In addition, we provides branding and consultation services to help support and develop your revenue models and overall messaging to increase ROI.


Why do I need an Internet Publicist if I am already working with a Publicist? 

Traditional publicists usually do not typically include strategic, SEO-focused internet publicity in their campaigns. We effectively provide strategic linking to increase conversion to your revenue models. Online PR requires a unique approach and specific deliverables that we are highly experienced in providing. It is not enough today to just be mentioned in an online article or posted on a blog. You need highly branded expert positioning that we specialize in providing to our clients. Leedom PR offers strategic publicity in all forms of media.

Do you secure placements for radio/TV and print? 

Yes, we can approach traditional media for you, as well as online media. Online media positioning is our primary focus, as a strong, clearly branded online platform will attract media, speaking events and other opportunities. We do work with all media including TV, regionally and nationally.

Is there a limit to the consulting and editorial support you provide? 

Consulting is customized to your individual needs and specific campaign goals. We provide whatever is necessary to effectively reach the goals we are working to secure for you.


How long have you been in business? 

We have been in business since 1999 and have worked with thousands of experts, authors, speakers, and various companies to build and support their online platforms.

How many websites do you have in your network and how big are they? 

We work with approximately 70 globally prominent websites in the lifestyle genres of the internet, including relationships, parenting and family, inspiration and health and wellness categories.  Our sites reach 100,000 to 80 million+ monthly unique visitors globally. 



What do the placements include? 

In addition to your article, bio, and graphics, all postings include strategic links to wherever you wish to direct them. This includes home pages, social media, sales pages and additional content housed in your website.

Do you have clients I can speak to about your work? 

Our clients are all very busy, often notable experts and authors, and have asked that we respect their time and privacy. We do not provide their personal information or ask clients to sell our services. We do provide testimonials for this purpose. Once you are a client, we provide networking options with current and past clients when appropriate.

Will I be paid as a contributor?

Most websites and credible media outlets do not pay their experts. On the occasion that payment is offered it is not always an effective strategy, as payment is often small, you lose the rights to your content and links are very limited. It makes more sense to provide free content on a limited basis and leverage the promotional support and crediblity that comes from being a trusted authority with prominent media. 

Can you share the media outlets interested in working with me prior to submission?

While we can work from a wish list once we begin working together, we have ongoing interest from more than 60 sites. We won't know the best match until we have completed strategy consulting and review your content. We want to position content you are looking to promote and not just fulfill a media request. 

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