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Accelerate Your Impact
Inside The Process to Build Buzz


Consulting - Strategy

Strategy Comes First.

We'll review your home page, revenue models and media targets. We will determine your Conversion IQ, your Microdemographics and overall media strategy for placements. We will integrate systems to grow your business over time through strategic media messaging and positioning as an Ongoing Featured Contributor.  Knowledge is power.

Content Development

Content is your media access pass.  

Utilizing your Matrix we will guide you on creating powerful content that will instantly grab the attention of editors and producers, move you to the top of Google through organic SEO, and increase conversion. Move past the 'media wall' and build loyalty, support and requests for your work, both today and for years to come.

Consulting - Emotional Branding

Emotional Branding Design.

We'll clarify the crucial differences between emotions, states, moods and feelings, and create your authentic Matrix for messaging integration. I will personally guide you through a highly unique and personal process to develop the concepts from an emotional foundation of how you make people feel. Media and the public will see you as memorable, relatable and sharable.

Media Placement & Review

Momentum Building.

Websites and TV outlets that are credible, relevant and reach large numbers are looking for you. Learn the secret to leveraging media to turn one 'as seen on...' into a life-long featured contributor opportunity where you control the narrative. 

Press Releases -
Get Connected and Get Featured


Reports, producers and freelancer writers are constantly looking for new experts and resources to support their story. Leedom PR provides relevant, credible and powerful engaging press releases to the media outlets you want to reach. Local, regional, national and in every aspect of media you need to accelerate your impact. We know the key to success to insure your release makes the impact to move the needle.

Crediblity - Consistency - Connection.

One release won't move the needle. We focus on affordable, engaging releases sent to highly targeted outlets.

Contact us today.

We will review your needs and create a package that meets your needs.

We provide ongoing consulting as needed, additional placements on media outlets you feel are the best match and we secure new placement options over time. We focus on building trust through your content and website presentation, as well creating buzz through media placements and organic SEO that helps move the needle and grow your business, Add in media over time, including TV, press releases, podcasts, and speaking event promotion.

Jackie Black_edited.jpg

​“I hired Anne Leedom to tighten up my brand and place me as an expert on strategically selected websites with visitor traffic at a certain level in my target market. Anne performed exceptionally well, creating tremendous interest and buzz about my work, and as a direct result of Anne's efforts I am a sought-after content provider on very desirable web sites in my industry.”

Jackie Black, Ph.D.

Author of Meeting Your Match: Cracking the Code to Successful Relationships

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