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Inside The Process

Consulting - Strategy

Our initial call will focus on PR strategy, website review of your home page and your media targets. We will determine your Conversion IQ, your Microdemographics and overall media strategy for placements. We will provide a content format guide to help secure online placements. We will review your revenue models, and integrate systems to grow your business over time through strategic media positioning as an Ongoing Featured Contributor.  

Content Development

As we move into content development, we will review your Matrix if applicable, and guide you on creating content that will instantly grab the attention of editors and producers, move you to the top of Google through organic SEO, and increase conversion. As audiences are moved by powerful content and practical solutions to daily issues and channels for personal and emotional growth, you will gradually build loyalty, support and requests for your work, both today and for years to come.

Consulting - Emotional Branding

We will review the concepts of Emotional Branding, clarify the crucial differences between emotions, vs states, moods and feelings, and create your authentic Matrix for messaging development. I will guide you through a highly unique and personal process to develop the concepts and branding from an emotional foundation of how you make people feel. Through the Matrix and Integration steps, your EBD will be memorable, relatable and sharable, the core elements of effective branding. 

Media Placement & Review

Once we have the materials we require we present you to editors who are looking for your expertise. Our media network goes back more than 20 years and includes many sites that are well known, and others that are not as well known. Websites are credible, relevant and reach large numbers. We work with local, and regional and national TV. Editors provide critical support to convert content into revenue model support. As content goes live we will send you alerts to update and assess placements.

Once this process is complete we provide ongoing consulting as needed, additional placements on media outlets you feel are the best match and secure new placement options over time. We focus on building trust through your content and website presentation, as well creating buzz through media placements and organic SEO that helps move the needle and grow your business, Clients can add in media as things progress, including TV, press releases, podcasts, and speaking event promotion.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

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