We pride ourselves on providing targeted campaigns and a high standard for reporting and accountability.

Occasionally we have clients who change their minds for personal reasons after a campaign begins or are not well received and do not secure the results they had hoped. We make every effort to go the extra mile, but in some cases there is nothing we can do and clients aren't happy. Since 1999 we have an extremely high track record of very satisfied clients.


Here are a selection of these for your review. For more testimonials visit www.anneleedomprreviews.com.  


“Anne Leedom was instrumental in identifying key websites that were compatible with Dr Laura’s message. Her efforts were

very successful in helping us extend Dr Laura’s reach on the Internet and increase her branding with moms."

 ~ Corinne Baldassano; Senior Vice President, Programming and Marketing Take On The Day, LLC;

The Dr. Laura Program

"Anne Leedom provides the professionalism and the results that give my books and my site the momentum they 

needed. I couldn’t have succeeded without her expertise and connections. Her devotion to building my brand

gave me the prominence I need to attract major media and corporate spokesperson events."

~ Dr. Michele Borba, Author of Building Moral Intelligence;

Ongoing Parenting Contributor – The Today Show



“I enjoy working with Anne for many reasons but most importantly, quite simply she delivers on the results she promised. The

strength of Anne's professional network, professionalism, unique branding strategies and her understanding of my business has 

made her an ideal partner!” 

 ~ Dr. Jerry Weichman, Teen Parenting Author of How to Deal


“I hired Anne Leedom 5 years ago as my virtual publicist and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  She is a top media expert

and will help your company develop and showcase your brand, product and services to get you the exposure and conversion that you

both want and deserve.  Thank you Anne!”

 ~ Mia Redrick, The Mom Strategist, Author of Time for Mom-Me:365 Daily Strategies for A Mother’s Self-Care


“Anne Leedom is a reliable, competent and trustworthy person whose work on behalf of children and parents has been an invaluable resource for families for decades. Anne has great expertise with online issues for public relations.  If you can't do it yourself, turn to Anne!” 

 ~ Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Professor Emerita, Lesley University, Parenting Author

"Anne uses her extensive online relationships to place our content on prominent sites that

reach out to parents -- our target demographic. Her service is a real time saver in the constant

task for online visibility and expanding our brand to new audiences."

 ~ Cheryl Greene, Executive Producer, DrGreene.com; Brand Manager, The Dr Greene Company





"As a new voice in the online coaching world, Anne Leedom has helped me gain confidence and design an effective strategy as an expert media contributor. Her team works behind the scenes and magic appears! They’re timely in their advice, measured with their expectations, and totally supportive. I find it exciting to see my work being shared on media outlets I could not access on my own, nor could I secure the level of promotional support and conversion from those outlets that she creates through her unique content branding strategies!”

~ Laura Bonarrigo, Certified Life Coach and Divorce Coach, Founder of Doing Divorce School

"Working with Anne has changed my life personally and professionally.  It has been a dream come true to see

my work published and featured on national media sites.  She follows through on everything she tells you she will do,

and she knows exactly how to build and promote your unique brand. Anne is professional and brilliantly creative.

Working with her has opened my career into a whole new world."

 ~ Dr. Sherrie Campbell, Relationship Author and Publisher of SherrieCampbellphd.com





"Anne’s Emotional Branding approach has been invaluable in helping me to shape my potentially complex messages regarding the benefits of good nutrition, which are passed on through the generations. She opened the door to wide exposure on media outlets that connect me with the audiences I want to reach. Working with her has been a pleasure and I look forward to continuing our relationship into the future."

~ Judith Finlayson, Best-Selling Author of You Are What Your Grandparents Ate

“Anne is my Internet publicity guru.  My prospects, business exposure, and website traffic have DRAMATICALLY increased due to Anne’s expert marketing ability and keen insight.  I’m astounded at what she’s been able to accomplish on my behalf!  I’m very grateful for her commitment and enthusiasm, her timeliness and responsiveness, and her dedication to helping me grow my business.”

 ~ Sharon Rivkin, Relationship Author, The First Argument

“I’ve been working with Anne Leedom and her team for less than one year. Through our engagement I've been extremely impressed by Anne's expertise in expert branding, her access to quality placements for my blog posts and her professional approach to business. Anne is insightful, credible, highly creative and responsive - critical skills in her industry which allow her to best represent her clients!”

~ Lisa Capp, Author, Caregiving Expert and Coach


"Anne has been wonderful to work with! She delivered exactly as she said she would. Anne has been available for me along the way when I had questions or needed feedback and input. She has been a tremendous resource to me so far and I'm certain will continue to be in the years ahead. Her branding strategies are unsurpassed and have taken my business to a whole new level. If you're looking to establish yourself as a expert on the national-international stage, Anne will get you there!"

 ~ Gary Roe, Author and Grief Expert

"It has been such a pleasure to work with Anne and her team.  From the start, she has provided wise counsel and clear, patient guidance.  She has been responsive to all of my questions and faithful to her commitments. I am so excited about all of the efforts she has made so far to help me develop my brand and look forward to our continuing work together."

 ~ Stephanie Lewis; Author, Mindfulness Coaching

"Anne has built a strategic brand and an expert platform for me in just a few months. They quadrupled the number of sites I was published and promoted on as an expert contributor before working with them. I now have a powerful national platform that is helping me leverage my writing, speaking, and coaching into a much broader base. Anne and Rachel are extremely professional and answer questions in a timely manner. They have also taken the time to relate to me on a personal level, reaching out to me to ask about my son when he had medical issues. They truly care. Working with Anne Leedom and her team has been a pleasure and well worth the investment to build my business."

 ~ Jessica Gammell-Bennett, Wellness Author, Life Coach, Parenting Coach, and Spiritual Teacher 

"I made a decision years ago that I didn't want to work by myself anymore, and that I would surround myself with people smarter than me. That's why I have hooked up with Anne Leedom. Thanks for being smarter than me and for giving my products a life and presence on the web!"

 ~ Winn Claybaugh, Motivation Author, Speaker, and Co-founder of Paul Mitchell – The School 

“After working with several Publicists, I found Anne Leedom. I signed up for her program and in just a few months my sites received incredible traffic from many of the top websites online. She delivered just what she said she would - Expert branding, Organic SEO rankings, product sales and I couldn’t be happier or recommend her more highly!”  

 ~ David Pollock; Founder of JustAskDavid.com, Beauty Author 

"I discovered Anne Leedom on John Kremer's website. Although there were other services listed in his directory,

I was impressed by the description of her services. She was enthusiastic and  I knew instantly that her company

was the right match to help me promote my book and build my brand. Anne delivered as promised and our articles

were posted on many major websites. She did more for us with the article placement than the PR agency we were using.

Every time an article was placed, we would see an increase in our book ranking on amazon.com, which indicates an

increase in book sales. This has is been the best and most cost effective decision we have made to promote my book,

The Cellulite Cure.  Keep up the great work!"

 ~ Dr. Lionel Bissoon; Anti-Aging Author, The Cellulite Cure

“We are extremely impressed with Anne’s capabilities. She really knows content placement. But what makes her exceptional is her creativity. She introduces us to innovative opportunities that highlight our expertise and get us great visibility and supports our brand specifically. She is truly the leader in this business."

 ~ Cheryl Tallman, Founder, FreshBaby.com

“Selling products online is not easy. I have worked with several Publicists. I began working with Anne Leedom and found the connection between SEO rankings that happen quickly and traffic to my site from the many well-known sites she promoted me on.  Anne gave me a huge boost and delivered on everything she promised….and much more!” 

 ~ Ellen Simon, M.S., M. Ed., LPC; Author 


“Anne Leedom is our number one choice for online placements to promote the Portola Hotel. Her placements give us great exposure and connect us to audiences we would not ordinarily be able to access with any other publicist. We see a strong boost in interest when we run a campaign with Anne!”   

 ~ Dara Toulch: Marketing Director; Portola Resort, Monterey, CA


“Reliable, dedicated and efficient - those are just some of the words to describe Anne Leedom. As an editor, I am always looking for fresh quality content that speaks to readers of all avenues. I get that and so much more from Anne and her team of expert writers.”

 ~ A.G. – Editor, Beliefnet.com


“Anne works tirelessly for her authors, and provides timely, relevant and dynamic content to publishers like myself. I enjoy working with her on many levels and look forward to continuing the relationship!”

 ~ M.M – Editor, Pregnancy.org


“I’ve been working with Anne for the better half of five years now, and I must say that she’s always been more than helpful in sending us great writers and content for Hitched on a weekly basis. Anne is punctual and always willing to fulfill and meet deadlines when we ask, providing us with an array of writers of all different backgrounds and areas of expertise. We rely on her content daily and find her services helpful in many ways over other submissions we receive.”

 ~ Gabriel - Senior Editor, HitchedMag.com


"I have been working with Anne Leedom for the past few years. She has been a pleasure to work with, bringing her attention to detail to the table every week. Her communication and people skills are excellent. Her professionalism is heartwarming and welcoming as well. I can always trust and rely on her resources and skills to get the job done."

 ~ April; Promotion Manager; Take On The Day, LLC - DRLAURA.COM