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Liberator, Evolutionary Consciousness Coach, and Transformational Speaker

  • Thought Leader

  • Bestselling Author

  • Corporate Consultant

  • Life Mastery Coach

Daniela, originally hailing from Switzerland and now making her home in the vibrant landscape of California, stands as a true luminary in the world of personal and professional transformation. She is a distinguished corporate consultant, international teacher, visionary transformation speaker, thought leader, life mastery coach, and spiritual guide. Her mission? To guide individuals and organizations on a profound journey of awakening, self-discovery, and whole-life, exuberant success.

With decades of dedicated study and profound expertise in a multitude of fields, Daniela's holistic approach transcends conventional boundaries. Her toolkit spans performance psychology, emotional intelligence, physiology (movement), personality profiles, communication, and positive psychology, making her an unparalleled resource for those seeking to navigate the complexities of personal and professional growth.

What sets Daniela apart, however, is her role as a life mastery coach and spiritual teacher. She doesn't just offer strategies for success; she delves deep into the realms of consciousness, helping individuals tap into their spiritual potential and live more unified lives. As a guiding light on this journey, Daniela empowers her clients to break free from self-sabotaging behaviors and cultivate new habits, a next-level mindset, and boundaries that foster growth, congruence, and flow from the inside out.

In her role as a spiritual teacher, Daniela explores the profound depths of human potential, encouraging greater unity on Earth. Her groundbreaking book, "Gliding You Home: A Dolphin's Dream of A New Earth," invites readers to unlock their spiritual potential for greater fulfillment and harmony in all aspects of life.

Daniela is not just a speaker; she's an energetic catalyst for positive change. Her thought-provoking messages and heart-centered integration strategies have a transformative impact on individuals and organizations alike. She conducts team-building retreats and training events that empower organizations to innovate, collaborate, accelerate project timelines, and boost their results and bottom line.

As a bestselling author of "High-Performance Without Pain: A 7-Step Blueprint to Reclaim Your Vibrant Life and Get Even More Done," Daniela shares seven mindfulness habits that transcend the realms of mere productivity.


These habits are keys to overcoming relationship challenges, anxiety, lack of focus, and imposter syndrome—common hurdles for high-achieving professionals. Her proprietary Vibrant Living Performance Triad™ provides a sure-fire pathway to unleash the potential of any individual or organization willing to break free from "business as usual" and incorporate heart-centered skills that open new pathways for change and results to emerge.

In her Vibrant Living Guided Mindfulness Meditations (available as a digital download), Daniela offers a daily resource for maximizing focus, performance, and work-life balance. Her insights have also graced the screens of national television and European talk shows, where her unique approach to transformation has garnered widespread recognition.

Daniela's accolades include the prestigious 100 Women Global Award, the "You Gotta Have a Heart!" nomination, and being a finalist for The Game Changer and The Vision Builder Awards.


Daniela’s Keynotes & Retreat Topics:

  • The Spirit of Business: Reclaiming the Power of Authenticity in Your Work-Life

  • The Art of Mindful Leadership: Harnessing Emotional Intelligence for Success

  • Unleashing Potential: A Journey to Personal and Professional Mastery

  • Thriving in the New Normal: Resilience and Adaptability for High Performers

  • Beyond Burnout: Strategies for Sustainable High Performance

  • Awakening to Your Inner Power: Living a Unified Life

  • Exuberance Unleashed: The Path to Whole-Life Success

  • Daniela's captivating insights, visionary outlook, and transformative journey as a life mastery coach and spiritual teacher make her a dynamic speaker and guide for those ready to awaken, transform, and embrace a life of exuberance and unity.

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