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Six Seconds.

That's how long you have to create an emotional connection.

Emotional Branding Design™. It's the tool top-tier experts, authors, actors, and companies understand intimately. It's what creates conversion. It creates loyalty and it creates the sense of authentic belonging to go the distance.

"An emotion is an immediate physiological response to a perceived stimulus. Chemicals are then released throughout our body that last about six seconds.​ Emotions continuously regulate every living cell to adapt to emerging threats and opportunities. They provide raw data about the world around us that is essential to our functioning."​

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I am ‘over the moon’ to be working with Anne at Leedom PR.  She provides her consulting in Emotional Branding Design™ in a simple, unique and impactful way.  She has been invaluable to my process of expanding my online platform to be recognized as a thought-leader in my niche.  Because of my work with Anne, I now understand the core of effective branding in a whole new way which creates those ‘moments of impact’ that transforms lives.  She is helping me pave the way so that my voice and message will have impact on a global level.  

~ Karen Corona LCSW; Therapist, Thought-Leader, Coach

Portland, OR

I have worked with more than 3000 clients in the past 20 years. In studying what creates conversion I have developed a proven system to effectively connect with audiences in the 6-second window that creates connection. Publicity is far more effective with a strong Emotional Branding Design™ that creates loyalty and strategically integrates your brand into your PR materials and over time.


Creating your Emotional Branding Matrix is the secret to creating 'moments of impact.' Moments that reach out and come back to you in an authentic and meaningful way. Build a solid connection between your gift and what audiences experience on a deep emotional level. Shift your messaging from what you what your audience wants to feel. The more they see themselves in your work, the stronger they will connect with you. Connection builds loyalty.

Connecting to people's hearts is the key to conversion and lasting relationships. If that is missing, nothing you do will ultimately be effective.

Emotional Demographic


Are you aware of what your audience is looking for emotionally?

Communicate with your audiences in all of your materials and content with a highly emotional and authentically branded message. 

Learn the essentials skills of connecting with your audiences emotionally first before you focus on teaching and informing your audience with your methods.

The Science of Emotions


Emotions are unique in that they are connected directly to our bodies and last 6 seconds on the average. 

States like 'confidence' can be sustained ongoing and are a result of an emotion.

Get to the core of the emotion for the state you want to help your audience develop. 

Connect there. that's where the power of real relationships exist. 

Branding Defined

Learn the elements of effective branding. 

For branding to be truly effective it should be impactful, memorable and redundant.

Are you known for your brand?

The best brands are identifiable in less than 7 words.




"I couldn't have succeeded without Anne's branding and media expertise. Her connections and devotion to building my brand gave me the prominence I needed to attract major media and corporate spokesperson events.

Ongoing Contributor to The Today Show, Dr. Phil and Best-Selling Parenting Author

Palm Springs, CA

Gary Roe.jpg


"Anne and her team have been wonderful to work with! Anne and Rachel delivered exactly as they said they would. Anne's branding strategies are unsurpassed and have moved my business to a whole new level!

Author, Speaker and Grief Specialist




"Anne's Emotional Branding approach has been invaluable in helping me shape my potentially complex messages on nutrition to appeal to a much wider audience. Working with her and Rachel has been a pleasure and an enormous value to my business.

Wellness Author, Journalist 


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