Leedom PR offers the specific strategies you need to create your path to global prominence.


We create and expand platforms for authors, experts, thought leaders, life coaches, speakers and products who are looking to reach a global online audience. We provide exposure and credibility through strategic online contributor placements on national media outlets which lead to expanding your platform and attracting TV and other opportunities to grow your business. 


We provide the following:


  • Evaluate your revenue models; branding and messaging


  • Determine your emotional demographic who will respond to your work


  • Prepare your content for strong placements


  • Promote your work on today’s leading websites with guaranteed placements

  • Position your products via strategic links in front of millions online


  • Report and review options provided by each media outlet 


  • Develop an ongoing strategy to leverage your platform as you grow

Attracting speaking, coaching, writing, corporate spokesperson and other related events is the result of:


Increased credibility


Organic SEO for your chosen keywords


Exposure to millions in your targeted demographic


Convertible content will be shareable, will convert to support your revenue models and be searchable by leading producers and event planners. Working with leading websites who will promote your work in exchange for your content is the first step to creating your Global Expert Platform. 


Creating emotional charged content that includes the strategic elements that support your revenue models is our trademark that makes the difference between simple exposure and content with impact.


We are unique so you can make the difference you want to make in the world. 


Leedom PR
Leedom PR is a global public relations and publicity firm
devoted to media experts, life coaches, speakers, thought leaders, film, authors and lifestyle brands in the consumer space. We work with individuals and companies that are breaking through to the
next level, using Emotional Branding Design™ and powerful media support, creating new pathways globally to impact their audiences. Our connections, experience, insight, strategic expertise and daily
excitement within our team motivates media outlets to support
your brand aggressively. Each client receives custom strategy based on targeted media platforms and Emotionally branded campaigns that grow brands into a presence that connects in exciting and meaningful ways.
Anne Leedom | Founder, Senior Publicist

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