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Whitney Freya

Inspired Living | Creativity

Whitney Freya inspires your audience to believe that they are capable of so much more than they have experienced up until now.  As an Inspired Living Expert, Whitney Freya has trained and spoken to audiences since she opened an art center with ZERO art experience in 1996! Her unique approach to maximizing human potential, combining neuroscience with a new approach to personal creativity, has led to three published books, innumerable international speaking engagements and a vibrant online presence. 


Along the way she has opened and co-owned two award-winning wine bars, has learned to paraglide and has raised three inspired children. 


Her background in direct sales and corporate training is foundational for her passion to light up teams and executive groups about all that is possible. She illuminates, in creative ways, how limiting beliefs and a lack of self-awareness are sabotaging productivity and, then, how to liberate your team from the glass ceiling and create new, inspired productivity. Her talk on “How to Have a Right Brain Performance” is a morale-boosting, expectation-raising experience. 


As an entrepreneur since 1996, she encourages women to dig deep into their passion and sense of conviction to create a life that lights them up from the inside out. She teaches you how to live as a Life Artist, creating your greatest desires into your reality from the inside out.


Whitney Freya’s energy is electric. Her stories and perspectives are paradigm-shattering, and she leaves each audience lit up and excited to create change! 

Visit her on YouTube at and learn more at

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Whitney's Media Appearances Include


To Book Whitney for a speaking event, visit here:

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