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Be the SLAM-DUNK Expert of Choice on Leading Websites and Build a 6 Second Path to Secure TV Placements

There are typically two reasons experts choose to build and increase their online platform.


  • To build their credibility and exposure so they can secure TV placements.


  • To build a solid online platform and strategic links to promote their products and services in a way TV and other traditional media simply don’t support.


To position yourself as a highly sought-after global expert, you need to establish that you are the GO-TO Expert in your genre.


TV producers are looking for specific components. We implement these components into your online platform so that you will become the dream expert of choice for both major media, and for the public who are seeking resources in your topic.


To become the “Slam Dunk” expert, as in the one online editors always say yes to, the ones online editors ask for and seek out, you need to incorporate certain elements into your website, content and bio that will virtually guarantee you the prominent exposure that will propel your platform to the Google and global stages.


Branding. It all begins here. Editors will take a quick peek at your website upon being presented with your work for possible publication.


Six seconds. That’s all you get. So make each one count.


1. The 1st second. An expert header. Make sure your name, credentials and a high quality photo are all implemented into your header. Miss one of these and its game over.


2. The 2nd second. This is about your tag line. A 3-5 word tag line that says what people get. It is not about what you do. Tag lines are powerful, brief and unique and focus on the gift, not the description. It’s not easy, I know. But with some simple and proven strategies, a highly effective tag line can be created.


3. The 3rd second is your navigation. You need to have standard tabs like About, Media, Contact, Blog, etc. But the crucial thing that today’s most powerful experts know is to create a CONTENT based navigation ribbon. Using your primary messaging this is where you draw people in.

4. The 4th second concerns your content. How you present your content at this initial glance will make or break your media reception.


Your content needs to scannable. Short paragraphs, about 700 words in total with easy language and emotional concepts that are compelling create content that pulls readers in.


Your content needs to be research based, with a citation to set the tone of the article. If you don’t have access to a huge amount of research, start creating it yourself.


Your content should provide very specific strategies and take-away tips so that the reader “gets something” tangible through your content.


5. The 5th second is to display media logos. Don’t click off your home page to the media outlets, but rather display static logos that show you are in-demand and connected to relevant audiences. Think branding when you choose media outlets.


6. The sixth and final second is to display your products and services effectively. The biggest mistake experts and authors make is to shout their book cover on the top of the home page, as if everyone who sees it will immediately click to buy.


Your products are an essential part of your credibility. To get the attention of the media, they should SUPPORT your content. Content come first. Then your readers will seek out your products and be more likely to purchase. Romance your readers and once they are authentically connected emotionally, you have a loyal audience.


Let’s review some additional practical matters you need to know to score a touchdown.


When you reach out to an online editor send only one editor your request, not 100. Use their name. Make it personal. No one likes to feel you are giving them something 50 other editors receive.


Send an email to introduce yourself and your topic, ideas on what you can write but do not send the actual content.  Sadly, there is nothing at this point to prevent the media outlet to use the content, not provide proper credit and not truly form a relationships with you. That’s your goal. Not just publish one article.


Don’t send attachments. That will come later. You want this initial email to be easy to read, not concern the editor with unknown attachments and not look like a sales pitch.


Review their website. Its crucial that you have the knowledge of the kinds of content they want. Don’t send content they already have tons of, and don’t send content completely irrelevant to their precise demographic. The more you appear to helping them, the more you become the SLAM-DUNK Expert of choice.


Let editors know you are happy to provide content on what they may need. Let them know in your initial outreach you can provide custom content on topics they need, exclusive content if necessary and that you will promote them as much as possible via social media, your website, etc.


Online editors are hungry for content and credible experts. If you have the components they require, are accommodating, consistent and reliable, and create highly readable content that makes them look good, you will become the SLAM DUNK Expert in your genre on any website you wish to utilize to promote your work.




 © Copyright Anne Leedom All Rights Reserved.

Anne Leedom founded Leedom PR, an online PR and expert presentation management agency for authors, experts, speakers and life coaches who wish to promote their work through media contributor positioning. Anne provides conversion consulting, content presentation strategy and her proven Emotional Branding Design™ system to build media platform with impact. Leedom PR is based in California. For more inform visit




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