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Build It and They Will Come: Why Pre-Selling Your Brand Is Crucial to ROI

There are three primary reasons best-selling authors sell millions of books.

1. They have created their brand prior to releasing their book.

2. They have created emotionally charged, strategy focused content to support their book.

3. They have a global platform they can leverage for the release of their new book.

When Deepak Chopra or Tony Robbins releases a new book, it sells overnight. That is due to the fact that people are familiar with their work, they like what he has to say, and he has created a sense of loyalty. He shows clearly how he will make a difference in people's lives in a meaningful way.

It takes years of hard work or perhaps an Oprah shout out to create that kind of awareness. There are many authors who have done very well without ever sitting in the illustrious leather chairs in the Harpo studios, and that is because they build their brand and create loyalty.

I am going to assume you have something unique and relevant to discuss in your upcoming book, so let’s focus on the brand. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could book The Today Show, Good Morning America and be interviewed by every major media outlet in the country BEFORE your book comes out, but sadly traditional media just doesn’t work like that.

The big shows will book you only when your book is released. They are not set up to support your brand. Building your brand through traditional channels is all but impossible and thus creates a real challenge for new and upcoming authors or anyone who has a product or service they want to promote.

The solution is the Internet. Many experts, authors and companies have come to the realization that working with both prominent and strategic websites on a continual basis before their work is even published can make a huge difference in the reception of their book. The public has an awareness of their name, they have built their websites up and polished them over time, and they have created the one component that can turn site visitors into customers...they create loyalty.

The Internet offers the perfect stage to work out all the bugs for your media campaign and get your message across clearly and in a variety of ways. After a period of months dozens of websites could be publishing and promoting your work. Each site then archives your content, leading to rankings in top search engines, giving you tremendous visibility. You can secure expert status with several websites, making the traditional campaign easier due to the credibility you have established.

A strong online campaign takes time and strategy. This form of publicity is not like television and radio shows, where you have one shot to make your impression. Most PR agencies provide simple exposure. Positioning your brand first is crucial to your success.

The Internet is a permanent record, a lasting connection to anyone who comes across a website or search engine hit that represents your work. Its success does not lie in simple visibility and exposure. Its success lies in well thought out content that is presented repeatedly and over time to create and promote your brand and message in a way that will define your work and remain memorable for all who have had the good fortune to discover it. And when you are working with the Internet, you are often talking about millions of people, often within just one website.

Take the time to plan and make those impressions are effective by ensuring the components of creating and promoting your brand and connecting to your demographic are present and when your book, service or product is released you will likely see a real impact on your sales.

© Copyright 2023 Anne Leedom

Anne Leedom is the Founder of Anne Leedom PR, a premier online branding and placement agency for experts, authors and products. Anne is featured regularly in national media and has provided the branding strategies for many of today’s leading experts. For more information visit and

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