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Welcome to the LPR Member Lounge

Zoom, Exclusive Content, Tips, Media All Access Pass...

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Let's Get Comfy

This is not your typical business meeting. Learn and share the trends and cutting edge strategies to make PR work for you. Discover the full range of what you need to know. From presentation and strategy to implementation based on your specific needs, you will learn what works for thousands of experts and thought leaders around the globe.


Let's Get Personal

Twice a month we will meet in a private group Zoom call to review questions, and discuss the latest in PR, digital marketing and how to determine the best way to grow your business through PR, Emotional Branding Design, and media exposure.


Let's Get Clear

Following up weekly with tips and strategies I have learned and created over 25+years, along with key points we review on our calls is the key to clarity. Action plans, resources and ongoing goal refinement produce clarity and motivate action. 


Let's Get Visible

Media are always on the hunt for highly credible and informative resources and new ideas to build public interest. Learn to create the conversations and to then work with ongoing media leads provided in the lounge weekly.

Let's hang out together! You will be connecting with other media experts and thought leaders as we discuss PR strategy. I provide exclusive tips and resources daily. A monthly subscription is just $295 and you can cancel anytime. Media leads, expert advice proven to build powerful platforms and networking make the LPR Lounge the place to be!

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Power is the ability to seek out knowledge, create a plan you trust and implement that plan to impact lives.

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