Megg Thompson

Guiding Challenging Behaviors Through Love

In Both Children and Adults

Megg Thompson M.Ed. began her career as a nanny and  Kindergarten teacher. She hung with the children who had hard behavior. They made her think, strengthened her ability to be the teacher they needed and gave her insight into how to best help their growing bodies and minds. To gain the language she needed to cultivate their best behavior, she went back to school and became certified as a Behavioral Consultant and Life Coach. 


Through Megg's education and daily experiences with children, teachers and families, she has solidified a love based approach to behavior. She keeps emotional wellness at the forefront of her thought at all times, fighting fear-based strategies that are emotionally crippling for children. Megg spends her days in public and private schools, child care centers and in homes as well as teaching teachers and parents how to hold emotional wellness tight and think outside the box.  

Megg lives in Hampton, NH across the street from the beach with her husband, son and her chocolate lab Dozer. She loves family adventures, yard saling, collecting shells and sea glass, traveling, being with children and using daily humor. Learn more about Megg and her work,

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Megg's Speaking Topics

> Challenging Behaviors

> Child Development

> Relationships and Friendships

> Potty Training and Sleep Issues with Children

> School and Home Problem Behaviors

> Trauma

> School Environments

> Consequences vs. Punishments

> Behavior Management Strategies

> Classroom Mangement

> Trust

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