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Choose Your Media Focus.



There are essentially three primary focuses in an effective media campaign. Each brings a solid component to increase conversion, attract opportunities and to provide lasting organic SEO so that you continue to receive interest from your media placements for years to come.

No publicist can guarantee specific media placements. No publicist can guarantee sales or other specific results from media exposure. 

An experienced publicist can provide the strategy, guidance, direction, insight and connections that will greatly increase your results, both in terms of ROI and increased credibility. 

Revenue models rely on your platform and your credibility. Regardless of how powerful your story and/or your background may today's world of media noise, it is your connection with audiences, consistency in relevant exposure and media credibility that will provide you the opportunity to create the moments of impact that will effect people's lives.

Learn the three essential components of effective media placements. Distinguish your PR from publicity to develop a solid strategy that will provide the ROI, ongoing interest and excitement you need in today's world to meaningfully impact people's lives with your work.

Each form of media lends itself to very specific kinds of results. Target your message and strategy to the appropriate media and build a platform you can evolve over time.

1. Consulting.

Effective PR and publicity campaigns have a solid foundation built underneath them. Strategy focused on building a profound connection with audiences, Emotional Branding, and benchmarks to track goals are all crucial to starting a powerful media platform.

2. Media Positioning/PR.

Media experts, ongoing featured contributors and trusted bylined content provide the platform and consistency you need to build your business. Include this option if growing your platform and attracting book deals, speaking events and other related opportunities is your goal. This component is the credibility strategy publishers, meeting planners, corporate spokesperson events and other related forums require in their initial review. Media exposure provides the social media presence and prominence to boost your platform.

3. Exposure/Publicity.

Once you have a solid foundation for your messaging, branding and revenue models, targeted and strategic publicity is the priority. Credible, consistent and ongoing publicity will create the buzz you need to be the go-to expert choice. Quotes, interviews and resource contributors all create the exposure that gets your name out there.

The Four C's of Effective PR

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