Jami and Marla Keller

Heart Communication and Relationships 

Jami and Marla Keller are bringing a new level of success in relationships to audiences worldwide with their unique “Just Stop It and Be Cherished” process


They became Relationship Coaches and Licensed Facilitators with Life Skills International in 1995. This changed their trajectory from a successful Occupational Therapy business in rural Arizona to a worldwide revolution in stopping the pain and embracing the cherish factor!

As seen in “Leap—The Coaching Movie,” this power couple prioritizes connection and playfulness with their exclusive and powerful multi-sensory presentations for both coupleships and teams. Learn about their unique approach HERE


With their Ideal Personality Profile, Jami and Marla transport participants to a whole new level of heart communication where they leave the seminar feeling supported, connected, vulnerable and grateful. Their exclusive method creates success in coupleships as well as companies and churches of all sizes. 


Each presentation brings all the senses alive with:


·      simple tools everyone can use to create calm awareness in any situation,

·      passionate visual teaching skills that bring concepts to life for diverse groups,

·      how to shine and be playfully productive in any environment, and

·      experiential training onThe Cherish Factor Experience,which will show you how to make anyone want to be a part of what you are doing in both business and life. 

Having been married for over thirty-one years, their two beautiful daughters, son-in-law, and grandchildren keep this happy and adventurous couple connected with all generations as they live in Boise, Idaho. 

They are the co-authors of Our Real Journey, Journey to Nai(13-week program for teens), How Men Make Women Crazy (and Vice Versa) Ending the Madness, Forever After(How to Get to Peace and Joy),a companion to Forever Afterentitled Passionate Tranquility, and their new book Embracing the Cherish Factor.

To Book Jami and Marla for a speaking event, visit here:

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