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Branding  =

Branding is historically about creating a graphical and conceptual representation of a body of work, a product or a service. It involves creating a culture, powerful messaging and a system of media outlets to create recognition and repetition. This helps audiences identify a brand quickly and connect to it in a way that leads to loyalty and conversion.


In reviewing thousands of brands over 25+years, it is clear to me and many others that including Emotional Branding Design and integrating your Emotional Branding Matrix into marketing materials increases conversion, audience loyalty and attracts additional opportunities globally in the areas you want to grow and evolve.


This creates the 'moments of impact' with your audiences and is key to conversion.

Emotional Branding Design will strategically answer the question, "how do I make people feel?" 


Branding Integration =

Materials Integration

Content Preparation

Media ROI Strategy

There's a lot to do to prepare your branding for media exposure. Tag line creation, website adjustment, article presentation, and preparing a highly strategically targeted and linked online media campaign are all elements of the foundation of effective PR.


As your platform builds and your credibility is increased, you will attract the kinds of media, book and speaking opportunities and general business that you truly want to focus on to build your presence as a thought leader or media expert.

Learn the "Four C's" of effective PR, define your "microdemographics" and create conversations that evolve into "moments of impact" wherever you want to impact audiences, globally.

Top tier experts create the conversation rather than simply accommodate media outlets to secure a logo. Emotional Branding Design will provide you the tools to strategically tap into and communicate your EBD in a meaningful and powerful way.

"Branding is a unique and identifiable concept, graphically and emotionally presented, that creates a loyal, memorable, and tangible reaction for your product or service."


~ Anne Leedom

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