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Emotional Branding 

Understand why its crucial and how it works before you sign up for a full program


PR Impact Strategies People buy from people and its essential your materials display your message in a very strategic way


Website Presentation 

 Learn the 8 seconds to keeping people on your site and creating the  excitement to motivate people to share what they learn with others


PR vs Publicity 

Top tier experts understand the critical elements of each and know how to create powerful conversion strategies for 

products and services


Tony Robbins, Suze Orman, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Phil, Dr Laura, Brené Brown, Christine Northrop...


They all have one thing in common. They each have a unique Emotional Branding Design™


Do you know what the most important question every expert should ask

themselves before beginning to promote their work?

Learn the answer to this and dozens of other powerful strategies in my "PR DOWNLOAD" call,

where I will share crucial and proprietary secrets to effective PR.

I will save you years of research and trial and error. It has been my passion for nearly

30 years to develop and guide companies, authors, speakers, films, life coaches, thought leaders,

fiction writers, children's books and many more to achieve their dreams. 


Its Your Time

Its Your Turn

Its Your Call


  • Why Emotional Branding is Crucial for Loyalty and Conversion

  •  Content Presentation Strategies for Powerful Media Impact

  • Website Review to Increase Credibility, Conversion and Attraction PR

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Make your PR dollars count.


Choose your media identity and destiny. 


Maintain your authenticity and your sanity

as you embark on the most exciting journey of

your life!

Learn the magic strategy that moves you

from having to scramble, constantly pay for PR and feel

like you are in an unending push to stay on top.


Be in the top 1% of authors, experts, thought leaders

and speakers who KNOW the secrets to Impact PR.

Give yourself 90 minutes to give your book and your

work the chance to create a moment of IMPACT.




“I’ve been working with Anne and her team for less than one year. Through our engagement I've been extremely

impressed by Anne's expertise in expert branding, particularly her Emotional Branding Design, which has helped me build my business immeasurably. Her access to quality placements for my articles and her professional

approach to business are exactly what I needed! Anne is insightful, credible, highly creative and her

responsive - critical skills in her industry which allow her to best represent her clients!” 

~ Lisa B. Capp, Author, Caregiving Expert and Coach


Leedom PR
Leedom PR is a global public relations and publicity firm
devoted to media experts, life coaches, speakers, thought leaders, film, authors and lifestyle brands in the consumer space. We work with individuals and companies that are breaking through to the
next level, using Emotional Branding Design™ and powerful media support, creating new pathways globally to impact their audiences. Our connections, experience, insight, strategic expertise and daily
excitement within our team motivates media outlets to support
your brand aggressively. Each client receives custom strategy based on targeted media platforms and Emotionally branded campaigns that grow brands into a presence that connects in exciting and meaningful ways.
Anne Leedom | Founder, Senior Publicist

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