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Dr. Denise Jagroo

Conquering Chronic Pain

Dr. Denise Jagroo is a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health Physical Therapy. She is an author and NYU Professor who has been featured on TV and radio as a highly-respected medical expert. Her appearances include Fox News, Arise News, The Three Tomatoes (The Hungarian Consulate), NYU Doctor Radio, and


Dr. Jagroo has lectured to thousands of physical therapists, physicians, athletic trainers and many other members of the medical and non-medical community regarding healthy ways to conquer chronic pain. Dr. Denise Jagroo is a pelvic pain survivor. She was always told that the pain was ‘all in her head'. She was shuffled around many doctors who misdiagnosed and mistreated her. Denise took charge of her own body and healed her pain.


Now she speaks around the globe on the topic of Chronic Pain. She helps her audiences understand the mechanism of pain and it’s effects on the body and mind.  She also teaches her audience how to heal, overcome and conquer chronic pain.  


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