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Choosing Your Edge | Redefining Parenting

Christina Trujillo Sieren is an author, passionate speaker, and mom of two. Christina is a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in Southern California. Christina specializes in working with high-risk adolescents and their families.


She is also the Founder and Lead Coach of Unapparent Parenting, INC., where she provides coaching to parents of teens and inspires parents to observe “messy” parenting moments as opportunities for learning, growth, and connection. Christina is the author of Parenting Teen Girls: A Positive Parenting Approach to Raising Health, Independent Daughters. 

Christina supports parents to question mainstream and fear-based parenting concepts, daring parents to re-define their most authentic selves from the inside out. She engages parents to curiously think outside the box for creative solutions that match their integrity, values, and highest priorities.


Christina believes in creating a shame-free parenting space to address parenting topics and themes that have been deemed taboo. Christina brings expansive energy to the forefront, captivating audiences to detach from the known and ground in innovation and permissiveness. Within this dynamic, Christina expands on the collective energy, aligning vulnerability with rebellion, provoking parents to embrace the unknown and choose their “edge.”

For more information and to connect with Christina, follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and visit


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