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Children’s Book Contributor Package


We specialize in online media to build your author platform as a contributor and to support your business with strategic links, expert promotion on leading websites and ongoing editorial assistance for content development and interviews as your business expands.  


Services include the following options: 


  • Website presentation to increase your Author Presentation. We will review the 8-Seconds to Impact strategies to increase credibility, conversion and organic SEO rankings that top tier authors use to attract business, media opportunities and establish their status as an in-demand entertaining voice in their niche.


  • Media placement strategy, working with many of today’s leading websites.


  • High-profile website placements as a contributor, reaching micro-demographics that meet with your approval.


  • Powerful backlinks to your home page, social media, sign-up pages, and/or sales pages, as well as strategic cross-linking integration.


  • Non-exclusive content is utilized in most cases to minimize content demands on your time, as we promote your brand. Repetition is crucial to brand expansion. 


  • Editorial assistance to help you create powerful content, including topic generation, outlines and editorial review for all content, that lands you on Page One of Google and creates global media interest. 


  • Current placement alerts, including where your work has been published and how it is being promoted. 


We work with many of today’s leading websites, reaching between 200,000 UMV on up over 50 million+. In many cases, the biggest site isn’t always the best match for your work. We review potential sites for SEO ranking for your content, prominence and overall support from editors to provide the strongest promotion for your work possible over time. All placements are positioned as an ongoing contributor.

CONTACT US TODAY to review current packages and opportunities.




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