PR is can be a complicated topic in today's world. If you would like to schedule a coaching call to help you determine how to effectively navigate the world of PR, social media, publicity and leveraging your exposure let's talk.


We will discuss the following:

  • PR vs Publicity

  • Conversion ID

  • Microdemographic Positioning

  • 3 C's for ROI

  • Content Chemistry

  • Emotional Branding 101

We will also review your goals and how PR can benefit you as you build your platform.

Locally, Regionally, Nationally or Globally. Learn the critical strategy secrets to positioning your brand

and moving your platform to the next level that works best for you.

If there isn't an available time that fits your schedule please email me to schedule.

If you are looking for full scale Consulting, Branding and Media Placement packages please email to discuss.