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How We Work

Our secret is powerful. An emotionally branded, strategically presented along with a consistent, highly credible media platform creates engaged relationships with audiences.

We build a media platform to attract opportunities to support your message and grow your business, as you become more known and seen for your heart and authenticity, not just credentials.

Top tier experts focus on making a difference in people's lives over making a living. They motivate and inspire humbly with a unique intention and passion.

They move their message through captivated and awakened audiences with consistency, connection and credibility on an energized global stage.

We find your ideal audiences by leveraging media and positioning your brand specifically to captivate and intrigue readers. We create a deep connection, curiosity and a level of excitement that converts into a long-term platform to support your business and goals.

Examples include:

A parenting and discipline expert may be positioned on a top ranked recipe site

A finance expert/author may be positioned on a highly credible health and wellness site

A stress expert may be positioned on a relationship or parenting site

Effective PR creatively accesses your key demographics in highly meaningful and credible ways.

That's the hallmark impact of Leedom PR


If you want to be positioned on a global stage as a Featured Expert in health & wellness, business, personal growth, success & motivation, parenting & family, relationships & love, inspiration & spirituality, or self-help.


Contact us today to discuss current opportunities.

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