Operating in Northern California since 1998, Leedom PR is owned and operated by Anne Leedom. Our team includes a network of creative and support people who make Leedom PR a one-stop option for authors, experts, coaches, companies and others who are looking to build a powerful online presence to support their products and services. We are proud of our commitment to our clients for more than 20 years.


I move beyond simple exposure, which is really advertising and not PR, to build your online business. I work with you on all the crucial aspects that need to be in place to succeed as a Media Expert. I provide consulting services to design your Emotional Branding. We don't just talk. I am an Emotional Branding Architect, creating a unique and highly authentic system for you to leverage to build your content, messaging and media materials.


Securing prominent media exposure is extremely important in building your brand. You need an Emotionally Branded foundation for your messaging to break through the collective conscious and create loyalty, excitement and impact. It's what I call, 'The Tony Robbins effect'... or any other powerful expert creating real change in people's lives. 


Motivate, Inspire... humbly. Clarify your intentions, connect emotionally and not just academically with your audiences and you will become a highly sought after thought leader and global agent of change in your area of expertise.

Anne Leedom

Founded in 1998, Leedom PR provides expert content for many channels of the Internet and traditional media, including Parenting, Health, Spirituality, Relationships, Business, and General Interest.  Leedom PR specializes in developing brand awareness and long-term partnerships between its clients and media outlets.


Leedom PR provides a customized ongoing national expert platform for clients. Anne has formed partnerships with the editors and producers of today’s leading online media and TV destinations, allowing Anne to secure prominent placements on today’s leading websites. 


Anne Leedom's unique Emotional Branding Design strategy involves consulting to clarify your branding, integrate that brand into your website and materials and ensure your monetization model is clearly and firmly in place. We then secure both consistent ongoing exposure and credibility through an established network of media outlets who will promote your products and services. 

This total approach to PR and publicity allows Leedom PR to remain a unique and effective solution for individuals and corporations who wish to develop a prominent media presence, increase their brand awareness, and create a revenue stream that can evolve over time. 

Simple exposure isn’t enough in today’s competitive world… let's discuss how we can help you gain the edge you need to effectively leverage media opportunities to grow your business and create a national expert platform. 


Anne Leedom is a graduate of San Jose State University’s School of Journalism. Anne began her professional career in sales and marketing working with Fortune 500 companies including General Mills and Purina Mills. After more than 12 years in a successful career in fortune 500 sales and marketing, Anne’s interests shifted when she became the mother of two daughters. 

Her passion for Parenting, Child Psychology and Journalism led her to develop her current expertise in working with authors, experts, and products to develop their Internet Publicity campaigns. Utilizing her skills in emotional branding and a growing list of clients, Anne formed Leedom PR in 1999, initially under the brand Net Connect Publicity. As the Founder of Leedom PR, Anne and her team provides content for many top tier channels of the Internet, including Parenting, Spirituality, Business, Health, Relationships, and General Interest. 

Anne specializes in developing emotional brand development and awareness and long-term media partnerships. This allows Leedom PR to remain a unique and effective solution for individual and corporations who wish to develop a global online branded presence. 

Anne has strategically influenced and developed the online expert campaigns for many well known authors including Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Anti-aging expert Dr. Lionel Bissoon, Dr. Alan Greene, Today Show Parenting Contributor Dr. Michele Borba, Joan Borysenko, Lionsgate Film, The Shack, and Academy Award Nominee Diane Ladd. She also specializes in helping authors who are not prominently known by creating a national online platform to increase their credibility, strategically position their emotional brand and develop a global loyal with their audience. Working as a passionate advocate on behalf of her clients, Anne creates results that have become a trademark of Leedom PR. 

Anne has been quoted in national online and print publications, including Parents, Parenting Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, Fox News, Redbook, and Nick Jr. Magazines, and has been an ongoing guest on National Public Radio.

Leedom PR is located in California.

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