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Our ideal client is a non-fiction author, thought leader, credentialed coach, media expert, or product-based buisness. 


We work with media outlets in Parenting & Family, Personal Growth, Motivation & Success, Health and Wellness, Inspiration and Spirituality, Relationships, Personal Finance, Productivity, Business and Career, Life Change, DIY, and more. 

Our ideal client is committed to creating 'moments of impact' that go beyond informing and educations audiences. I work as an Emotional Branding Architect to develop strategies to support media exposure. That's what works.


If I understand you.... becoming and Ongoing Featured Contributor is your goal. You want to increase the trust audiences and media outlets feel when they choose to work with you.

"The Thought Leader's Thought Leader".



Anne Leedom

Founder; Senior Publicist

So, why should we work together?



Studying people...


I have been doing this since I can first remember. Family, friends, and eventually in the workplace. I started my first business at 16, my first marketing agency at 19 and moved on to corporate sales after obtaining my Journalism degree. 


Becoming a mother and eventually a solo single mother led me to developing Leedom PR, a premier consulting and PR agency in 1999. Years of working with more than 6000+ clients globally and thousands of media outlets taught me the unique qualities that lead to conversion, audience retention and longevity. 

What do I know that allows me to help you succeed in a crowded media landscape?

  • Because I know the secret. Emotions are not states. Emotions are not feelings. Emotions are not moods. Emotions are a unique process that occurs physically in every human being and last about six seconds.  In those emotional 'moments of impact' that profound and lasting connections are made. 

  • I move you beyond exposure, which is really advertising and not PR, to build your online business. I work with you on all the crucial aspects that need to be in place to succeed as a Media Expert. I provide consulting services to design your Emotional Branding. We don't just talk. I am an Emotional Branding Architect, creating a unique and highly authentic system for you to leverage to build your content, messaging and media materials.


  • Securing prominent media exposure is extremely important in building your brand. You need a strategic, as in not generic, emotionally branded foundation for your messaging to break through the collective conscious and create loyalty, excitement and impact. It's what I call, 'The Tony Robbins effect'... or any other powerful expert creating real change in people's lives. 


  • Motivate, inspire... humbly. Clarify your intentions, connect emotionally and not just academically with your audiences and you will become a highly sought after thought leader and global agent of change in your area of expertise. Connect. Don't Convince. That is why effective Emotional Branding Design is so powerful. Trust + Buzz. The strategy that top-tier experts include.

About Anne

Anne Leedom is graduate of San Jose State University's School of Journalism, She spent her first years out of college successfully selling for commission only, working with ADVO System for 2 years. Anne moved into corporate sales for General Mills and Purina Mills, meeting her husband and soon starting a family.

Anne began her PR agency in 1999, working with Dr. Michele Borba and many other experts looking to build their media platform. Anne has been featured on Fox News, Parents, NPR, Christian Science Monitor and provides ongoing expertise to many national media as a trusted authority in PR.

Anne provides expert content for many channels of the Internet and traditional media, including Parenting, Health, Spirituality, Relationships, Business, and General Interest.  Anne specializes in developing brand awareness and long-term partnerships between her clients and the media outlets she positions clients on daily.

Anne and Neil Cavuto discussing Princess Diana and the releasing of the photos.

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