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I'm Anne Leedom and I'd like to share something with you...


I have always been a publicist, even before I was paid to be one. It started with helping my best friend become the first American aerialist in the Ringling Brothers Circus, to working closely with family and friends to help them build their dreams, to intuitively becoming the first Internet Publicist years ago. I started my first ad agency at 19 without any formal training. I learned so much along they way!

Skip forward to earning a degree in Journalism from one of the top two Journalism colleges in the U.S. and working with Fortune 500 corporations as a sales and product manager. I now had the tools I needed to make a true impact in people's lives. After taking a break to start a family, I re-started my first love working in the self-help world with authors who needed specific strategies not yet developed in the online world to build their presence.


Building successful media platforms to promote your book, speaking and coaching services is about connecting, crediblity and consistency in the right outlets. I began booking myself on Parents, Fox News, and NPR with my own show because I learned what works. Developing my Emotional Branding Design™ has been exciting as we have helping build audience and media connections to build meaningful platforms.


My world if full of awe, magic and a level of excitement I can not describe when my clients reach that next level. If you want to experience this kind of ease and to love your life and your work while you create moments of impact with audiences wherever they may be for you, then let's talk!


National - Global - Regional Media

Review a selection of our established media network

The most important decision you can make is to build your media platform BEFORE your books, products or services are available.


A successful launch promotes to an active platform.

Prepare... Don't launch to an empty platform.

Emotional Branding Design Consulting
Create the emotional score to your work. Become memorable... sharable. Authentically connected with your audiences wherever they may be.

Contributor Jumpstart

Learn the foundation of effective PR, Branding and Media Placement to Increase Conversion and Attract Opportunities.


Launch your Featured Ongoing Contributor Platform and become a trusted authority, columnist and recognized resource to promote your book, product and services.


Full Scale Media 

Positioning and PR Strategy

Grow your current platform utilizing all of our PR strategy, media placements and ongoing tools to become a highly visible and trusted authority globally 

to online and TV media, corporate speaking events and publishers across multiple platforms.



Publicity Academy

If you are just starting out, or want to maintain and grow your online platform as a contributor, or you are based Internationally and would like to work with U.S. based websites, this is the package for you.


Anne's Featured Appearances
~ Anne Leedom
Founder | LPR

Effective PR is About Movement... It's About Awe... It's About Authenticity

This creates trust. This creates and build crediblity.

Emotional Branding Design is Your Conversion/ROI Bridge

Effective PR requires an Emotional Branding Architect in today's world.

Your Emotional Branding Matrix™ is Your Path to Clarity and Connection

Science backed. Audience proven.

Avery Neal.jpg

“It has been an absolute pleasure to get to work with Anne. Not only does she live up to her word, but she is highly skillful in helping clients to authentically communicate their message in the most effective way possible. She has been instrumental in getting relevant media placements, making the connection I need between my message and audiences.”  


~ Avery Neal, Ph.D

Houston, TX

Anne ALPR.jpg

Move your Brand from

"As Seen On...." to

"Featured Contributor."

LPR specializing in 

Impact Management PR

Learn your unique Emotional Branding Matrix™ through

Emotional Branding Design

#motivateandinspire... humbly

Public relations is about designing a strategy to distinguish how you relate to the public. Define your credibility.


Publicity is a process of securing ongoing exposure to represent brands on a global stage. Create consistency.

Inspire connection with your audiences rather than just be included in conversations in a media segment.

Discover how to powerfully communicate your messaging.


Feel the wonder as opportunities and new authentic audiences come to you.

"Anne Leedom provided the results that continue to give my books the momentum they need. I couldn’t have succeeded without her expertise and connections. Anne's devotion to building my brand gave me the prominence I needed to attract major media, multiple book deals, and corporate spokesperson events."

~Dr. Michele Borba

Palm Springs, CA

Book Graphic LPR.png
Milovidov headshot_edited.jpg

"I had an amazing experience working with Anne Leedom and her

Emotional Branding Design. She helped me understand and develop a powerful Emotional Branding Matrix™ and strategy and to utilize it throughout my work."  


~ Elizabeth Milovidov, Founder of

London, England

Featured Articles
Let's Talk PR, Publicity and ROI

Leedom PR works with clients from around the globe including the United States, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, and India. Media placements are U.S. based media outlets, many with a global reach.

"Leedom PR has been amazing in every way. From Emotional Branding Design, effective media placements, and their responsiveness, Leedom PR has been the perfect match. They truly understand my brand and long-term vision, which allowed me to re-define my voice and confidently share my work with a larger audience. Without them I would be spinning my wheels trying to learn everything that is PR. Having their expertise and knowledge has afforded me more time to connect with clients, create value-packed content, and focus on the career that I love. I’m beyond grateful."


~ Christina Trujillo Sieren; Owner and Lead Parenting Coach;

Unapparent Parenting, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

Connect with the thousands who are committed to creating 'moments of impact' through strategic media placement and Emotional Branding Design.

Be included in the Leedom PR Academy tips and email support.


Thanks for connecting!


Let's discuss your unique PR needs today and expand your media platform globally. Discover a sense of ease as your PR flows from a solid heart-centered strategy.

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