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Public Relations is About Movement

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I'm Anne Leedom and I'd like to share something with you...


The world today is moving faster than ever before. Media has changed. New platforms, social media, digital marketing.... there is so much to learn and to utilize to increase exposure.

Something has not changed. In fact, it is more important than ever.


Crediblity and Consistency.


Social media provides a powerful way to consistently connect with audiences. Being positioned as a trusted resource requires a more specialized kind of media exposure.


An Ongoing Featured Contributor. In-depth media placements with content that connects, feature interviews and innovative placement options.


Ask yourself what you are looking for. A quick burst of short term publicity to draw attention to something that will then quickly sell itself? How do you define your impact moments?


Or, are you looking to create impact moment with a credible global media platform with audiences that trust you over time, based on a consistent flow of resources and connection?

Leedom PR helps you attract the premier opportunities our clients seek. Book deals, speaking events, higher Google rankings, corporate spokesperson events, and selling services all increase when you build trust with your targeted audiences. Locally, regional and globally.


Significant media platforms take time to build. Content that connects meaningfully takes time to develop. Prominent media outlets that support you fully are relationships established over time. Innovative placements with targeted audiences connect.

We live in a world offering quick fixes and instant results. That option is available, but only for a moment... typically for a single product or service... based on impulse-buy marketing strategies.


We provide the strategy and quality media connections to create impact moments and position you significantly in front of millions of targeted audiences.


You provide resources, content, life strategies and the passion that make you stand out with audiences and with media.


Let us create a powerful and meaningful platform for your message.


You will be known as a strategic, heart-centered expert offering solutions resulting in authentic impact.

Accelerate Your Impact >>

The most important decision you can make is to build your media platform before

your books, products or services are available.

Prepare... Don't launch to an empty platform.

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Move Your Brand from

"As Seen On...." to

"Featured Ongoing Contributor."

Science backed...

Audience proven.

Effective PR is About Movement... It's About Awe...

It's About Authenticity

This generates trust and builds crediblity. 

Emotional Branding Design is Your Conversion/ROI Bridge.

Your Emotional Branding Matrix™ is Your Path to Clarity.

It provides the connection between your message and your audience's minds and hearts.

Trust + Buzz... The Leedom PR Solution.

Health & Wellness | Business & Finance

Leadership and Productivity | Success & Motivation

Parenting & Family | Relationships & Love

Inspiration & Spirituality | Self-Help | Eco-Friendly 

Digital Safety | AI | Global Awareness | Diversity


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Kind Words.

"The professionalism and results that give my books the momentum they need. I couldn't have succeeded without Anne's expertise and connections."
~Dr. Michele Borba, Author and Speaker, Parenting Expert
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Wherever are you in your path to expanding your media platform, we have you covered.

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Learning is the first step. Consulting, Emotional Branding and select placements move you forward to establish crediblity and media presence in your expertise.

Structure your authority impact. 


Start Here. 

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Your PR foundation is solid. Shift to expand your audiences and overall media platform with increased media placements, online and/or TV. National, regional and local.

Build your authority impact.

Start Here.

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Focus on key media outlets and ongoing and consistent online exposure to maintain your message and impact the conversation on hot topics and the latest trends.

Manage your authority impact.

Start Here. 


~ Anne Leedom

Learn about the latest in PR along with others who are committed to creating 'moments of impact' through strategic media placement and Emotional Branding Design.

+ Buzz.

Thanks for connecting!


Let's discuss your PR needs and expand your media platform globally. Discover a sense of ease as your PR flows from a solid heart-centered strategy.

PR Consultation | Emotional Branding | Media Positioning | Platform Expansion | Conversion Strategy 


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