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Welcome to Leedom PR

I have worked with more than 1000 authors, experts, life coaches, films, speakers, companies and products globally since 1999.


Our team expands our client's media profile and increase ROI through highly effective conversion strategies.


How you are positioned on media outlets goes beyond exposure, or publicity, and defines true PR.  


Public relations is about designing a strategy to distinguish how you relate to the public.


Publicity is the process of securing the exposure to represent your brand on a global stage.


Most experts, authors, speakers, life coaches, thought leaders and products focus only on exposure, which does not secure lasting ROI.


Consistent, branded publicity that creates credibility and ongoing conversations is the most powerful pathway to conversion.

This is the power of an Emotionally Branded, strategically linked and consistent, highly credible

media platform. Building a media platform to attract the opportunities that

support your message and your business is what we do. 


Top tier experts focus on making a difference in people's lives over making a living. They motivate and

inspire humbly with true intention and passion and with consistency and credibility on a global stage.

Knowing the difference between emotions vs states...

is the secret to creating 'the moment of impact' with your audiences and customers. 

Emotional Branding + Authenticity = Emotional Branding 

The Formula to create the moment of impact for your business globally.

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Are you ready to increase your media platform and be positioned as an expert contributor today?

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Anne is an Ongoing Featured Contributor 


"Anne's devotion to building my brand gave me the prominence I needed to attract major media and corporate spokesperson events. Emotional Branding is the secret to much of my success."


~ Dr. Michele Borba, Author of Building Moral Intelligence; 

Ongoing Parenting Contributor – The Today Show

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Emotional Branding:

Seven Insights to Build Audience Loyalty

Becoming a globally prominent expert authority is something many authors strive for, but struggle to achieve. The name of the game for most experts is exposure and credibility...


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How To Be Your
Own Publicist

As the economy continues to struggle I see an ongoing tragedy in the publishing world. Authors, experts and others who have valuable and significant products and services to offer aren’t able to create exposure and demand due budget constraints. Publishers aren’t promoting books as they once did...

Old Documents
The Crucial Tool that Builds Best Selling Brands

One of the obstacles that plague all authors and experts is the fact there are just so many other experts in every topic in today’s world. Distinguishing yourself from others in your area of expertise is the most important marketing activity you will pursue. You can secure the most highly visible media placements available, but if you are not...

"Anne’s Emotional Branding Design consulting has been invaluable in helping me to shape my potentially complex messages regarding the benefits of good nutrition, which are passed on through the generations. She opened the door to wide exposure on media outlets that connect me with the audiences I want to reach. Working with her and Rachel has been a pleasure and I look forward to continuing our relationship into the future."

~Judith Finlayson, Best-Selling Author of You Are What Your Grandparents Ate




Combining old school methods of PR, along with the latest cutting edge technology for expert branding and presentation is what sets my services apart. I work with you closely to strengthen your brand, your voice, your message and your revenue models, then position you as a leading expert on today's websites.


Shift your approach from 'exposure' to implementing highly effective emotional Branded 

PR strategies used by experts like Tony Robbins Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura, Oprah Dr. Michele Borba,

Marianne Williamson and thousands of experts worldwide.



Attraction PR is the foundation that makes your publicity effective. Audience loyalty provides you with countless ways to build your business and make a real impact on people's lives, based on strategically conveying your Emotional Branding Design and message. Branding is a unique and identifiable concept, graphically and emotionally presented, that creates a loyal, memorable

and tangible reaction for a person, product or service.


Learn about the Emotional Branding Conversion Factor that goes beyond outdated models that are not as effective in today's high paced world. Learn how this crucial strategy will help you break out and breakthrough to the next level, leverage quality media placement and exposure and attract the speaking, coaching, book deals, TED talks and all the opportunities you seek.

Effective branding must be relatable, memorable, sharable and repetitive.

That's what creates the 'moments of impact' that changes lives.

“Anne Leedom was instrumental in identifying key websites that were compatible with Dr Laura’s message. Her efforts were very successful in helping us extend Dr Laura’s reach on the Internet and increase her branding with moms."

~Corinne Baldassano; Senior Vice President, Programming and Marketing Take On The Day, LLC; The Dr. Laura Program

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Exposure, Credibility and Consistency. That's the Leedom PR Advantage


Leedom PR is proud to work with clients from around the globe including the United States, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, and India